34 Auto Maintenance Centre

They originated from İstanbul in 1996, a unique group I have to say. Even though they are classified as Turkish Psychedelic music I have always seen, accepted and cherished them as the music ambassadors of İstanbul. Hence concomitant of Anatolia rhythms and tonality.  Dwelling into the culture, backstreets, music halls of İstanbul and obviously Anatolia. No, you don’t of course need to know Turkish, since when is music mono lingual anyway?

I have always loved Barış Manço, an idol for me and in some ways I see him in Baba Zula even though the music doesn’t overlap the mentality and the philosophy is mutual. They are a sustainable group with an issue, a personal favourite of mine..

Folk, culture, music, tales, fables, narratives all are fed into one mechanism of originality. The result is deepless memories of involvement and awareness of existing. It’s just lovely.

They have produced eight albums which sway in different rhythmic ocean of Anatolian textuality. Their latest output is called “34 Oto Sanayi” (34 Auto Maintenance Centre), a direct line to İstanbul. As you might know the plate number of İstanbul is 34 and here we live the cadence pleasure of a musical epicure.

It’s a story book from First Love to a Fly Husband who takes us  to Another World where we become the Little One called the Froggie. You Don’t Obey what is enforced to you and write The Legend Of Resistance as this is No Place For Strangers. A fable in itself with layers of raconteurs each telling her/his story.

Suggestions from locals are always the gems for visitors and when I am asked Baba Zula has been on top of my list since 1996. They are innovative and most important multicultural embracing what these lands have to offer.


  1. “İtaat Etme/ Don’t Obey ”,
  2. “Başka Bir Alem/ Another World”,
  3. “Gariplere Yer Yok/No Place For Strangers”,  
  4. “İlk Aşkım/ My First Love”,
  5. “Sinek Koca/ Fly Husband”
  6. “Ufaklık/ Little One”,
  7. “Küçük Kurbağa/ Froggie”,
  8. “Direniş Destanı/ The Legend Of Resistance”