Ataturk Arboretum


Growing up in a vivid metropolis full of happenings, I benefited from countless cultural opportunities that it offered. They shaped my personality, made me complete in a sense by feeding my curiosity on various subjects. But frankly speaking now I realize that all happened rather indoors – with friends or others sharing the same interest.

Maybe it’s the feeling of plenitude or the aging factor – I don’t quite know the reason – but lately I began to consider myself rather deprived from nature. It shouldn’t be a rare coincidence that many times I catch myself day-dreaming looking at a picture of vast and robust green fields and wondering how it feels to hear the wind whipping into silence among splendid pines.

It is true that self-awareness comes genuinely in sight when one follows his steps in a landscape appearing rather timeless with every moment spent. Staying alone with the bare soul in such environment, triggers subconscious to run free of mind, opening endless visions which may be frightening at first but definitely worthful for an objective self-analysis.

It’s fortunate that our city offers such delightful journey at a magical natural beauty, Ataturk Arboretum.

Situated in the south-east of Belgrade Forest covering a 346 hectares area, this heavenly oasis provides the high level of oxygen ready to be pulled in with over 2.000 trees belonging not only to local but worldwide flora. Splendid in every season, autumn and winter definitely have their own charm with light pacing around multicolour leaves while the breeze ruffles the smooth surface of the lakes.

More astonishing yet, along the pleasant walk on tended pathways arboretum helps you to discover more about nature, thanks to nicely put “name plates” underneath the trees. This small gesture compensates the nerdy need of urbanite longing to experience his surroundings in full awareness.

Before the redemptive escape from the city’s chaotic tempo, there are few regulations you should be aware of: Sadly no picnic is allowed – to be precise no food / beverage whatsoever (except water of course), it is not a pet-friendly place (shame), and the entrance is subject to a fee (5 TL weekdays; 15 TL weekends).

The “must & mustn’t” put aside, encourage yourself to spare some time for a relaxation day in this idyllic scene.