Banknotes With Mini Anecdotes Of Istanbul

I like our banknotes, they tell mini anecdotes of something about Turkey. So far Turkey has produced nine emission (issues of banknotes) from the declaration of the Republic. My awareness came across with the 6th (1966-1983) emission. Now we are in the 9th emission era that was pushed into the market in 2009 and we are using them still. I am not going to go into the details of the banknotes history, boring I know. But I wanted to mention the portrayal of İstanbul in these banknotes. I am definitely not an expect but after searching around a little bit I noticed that out of all the 9 emissions of banknotes only three times the name of İstanbul was mentioned.

Out of these three I used and remember only the two. The first ever time İstanbul was mentioned was in the 5th emission (1952-1971) on the back of a 500 Turkish Lira banknote. I have no recollection of this obviously. The ones I recall and have actually used go back to the 6th (1966-1983) and the 7th (1979-1989) emissions. The first one was on the back of the 500 Turkish Lira. It was the main entrance of İstanbul University, where I actually studied, what a coincidence. The second was on the back of one thousand Turkish Lira where you see a side portrait of Fatih the Conqueror and İstanbul. Of more in the due history of the banknotes emissions we have had some monuments from İstanbul. But the name Istanbul has not been written other than the three banknotes I have mentioned. So this goes out to the curious ones out there: Banknotes With Mini Anecdotes Of Istanbul.