Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu

I cannot think of a better pioneer on this topic. When Turkish art comes to mind Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu is up there in the idols list. Unfortunately he is not know internationally as he deserves to be. I can count endless painters who are less creative and original then Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu but extremely well known. I think again it’s a shame of us not to be able to treasure and promote our most dear values.

He was also the first to support the philosophy or genre of integrating architecture with art. Hence what you see above is a unique example of it. Most visitors are not even aware of this fabulous piece of art. Honestly most locals are also unaware. I always say perceive more thank what you see and delve into the depths of the city and believe İstanbul can offer you a whole treasure.

Also his admiration for all types of folk literature was also reflected in his poems. In that context, his poems bear a close resemblance to his paintings. He revealed his thoughts about folk art and literature in his writings and essays, written in a fluent and easy language. If you manage to get a hold of them  in your own language don’t miss them out.