Bomonti, more than a neighbourhood

More than a hundred years ago… A brewery -the first major brewery in Turkey- set up by the Swiss Walter and Adolf ‘Bomonti’ brothers in Istanbul. Bomonti, was one of the first industrial neighbourhoods of Istanbul and named after the brewery.

Bomonti, is also the name of a popular Turkish malt beer, which does not contain corn syrup. My favourite is the unfiltered one.

It was an elegant neighbourhood dominated by the Armenians and Georgians and now it is a very remunerative district surrounded by trendy-but-eye-hurting-high-rise-buildings. The neighbourhood also host a protestant cemetery, officially called Evangelicorum Commune Coemeterium. If you walk only a few blocks from Bomonti, you can reach one of the nicest organic markets in Istanbul called ‘Feriköy Organik Pazarı’.
The famous Babylon concert venue in Asmalimescit will be moved to the renovated Bomonti Brewery as of September 2015 and to be named as Babylon Bomonti. History and industry will meet music, soon. To cut to chase Bomonti, more than a neighbourhood.