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Edmondo de Amicis

  In these last few weeks I have been reading a lot about İstanbul. All those readings are helping me to realise once more that this city has always fascinated people of all kinds from all over the globe. Intellectuals, artists, reporters, adventurers… They all came to her, seeking either[…]

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İstanbul’un Ortodoks Esnafı

  Kişisel yorumlarla filtrelenmeden tarihi anlayabilmek, gözünde canlandırabilmek bugün ne büyük bir lüks… Bu nedenle, tarihe meraklılar için, tarihe düşülmüş kayıtlar, tabii eğer ulaşabilmek mümkünse, bu lüksü yaşayabilmenin neredeyse yegane aracı. İşte, esas mesleği doktorluk olan ama aynı zamanda bizantolog ve tarihçi olarak kabul edilen Aleksandros Paspatis’in “İstanbul’un Ortodoks Esnafı”[…]

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An outsider author – Sait Faik Abasıyanık

  I have an habit. Rather a ritual. On the eve of determining which book to read next, I first read the writer’s biography. I’m not talking about a quick glimpse of the author’s life, a really detailed and comprehensive research is what I mean. Then I look at his[…]

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Still Life with Dogs of İstanbul

  İstanbul always has a love and hate relationship with its dog citizens. Beliefs play an important role in this relationship, as it does in almost all subjects. Positive side: In Shamanism, a dog is a sacred animal which Shamans ride when they go down underworld. In Altai and Kirghiz[…]

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Cat Knows Everything, In Istanbul, Too…

We have a saying; “when cities were not even named in Europe, the cats were the inhabitants of Istanbul.” Rumour has it, the first kittens has been settled in the city by the Byzas of Megara, the eponymous founder of Byzantium, the city later known as Constantinople and Istanbul. In[…]

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A Suggestion For A Guide Book

Mini Tours İstanbul

So let’s see, everyone is asking me for a suggestion for a guide book on İstanbul. Honestly I have no interest in the new popular books. As we say in Turkish what truly valued lays in the old. So here are two books that I can suggest to all you[…]

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