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I Scream for Ice Cream

Have you ever had a serious thought about ice cream? Well, you may say why one would has serious thoughts about ice cream apart from the times with sudden cravings of dessert. If you were a kid, living in Istanbul in late 80s, believe me you would. Every summer afternoon,[…]

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Mangal Zamanı

  The French love picnic The little red and white table cloth perfectly ironed The wicker basket full of camembert and a red wine bottle Turks also have a passion for picnics Here the tablecloth is colourful The basket is replaced by thousands of plastic bags filled with the all[…]

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Incredible Scents of İstanbul

  By the time you are walking on the streets of İstanbul, you will definitely come across at least a couple of the incredible and noticeable scents below. Open your eyes and inhale! Bosphorus, iodine, moss, fish, south west wind, balloons. In winter, roasted chestnuts, ‘boza’ and ‘sahlep’. In summer,[…]

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