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Urban Amnesia

30 years ago, we used to go to Kumburgaz, a relatively close summer getaway for İstanboulites. On the way were vast sunflower fields, the owners wouldn’t care for the bypassers to steal a few flowers for the crunchy seeds. Now there are residences, villas, luxury sites in the place of[…]

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Surprises of İstanbul: Anarchy in the IST

Living in this city is most of the times a struggle; regardless of your occupation, age, gender, income or status. Besides the traffic or the daily shalala of your environment; it is as if an “invisible hand” tries to push you down, covering all in grey, building more and more[…]

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Surprises of İstanbul: intro


Some cities could kill you with their peace, some with chaos, some with beauty. When you’re in Istanbul, a constant thrill and a very deep inner peace come together; with small surprises aside. Some stunning, some bad, but mostly good. It’s just surprises of İstanbul intro. For instance, you might[…]

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