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Seni seviyorum Tahtakale!

Adı üstünde tahtadan kale; Doğal, işlenmemiş, artı eksi hiç birşey yüklenmemiş her şeyin tahtadan olduğu kale, Tahtakale… İçine girmek için illaki bir nedenin olması gerekiyor, misal en basitinden nedenin”merak” olabilir, zaten şehirde yaşıyorsan, ama gerçekten kaosu bol büyük şehirde, ki İstanbul en iyi örneklerinden biri, kesinlikle meraklı olmak zorundasın, yoksa sadece[…]

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Istanbul Lover

The Bosphorus Bridge

I am an Istanbuler, Istanbulite an Istanbul Lover in the purest sense of the world. I have chosen to live here, despite the chaos, traffic, crowds and the stress. I am an Istanbul lover at the base, soul deep level. Even though I was born in London, İstanbul has molded[…]

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Kadıköy and its surprise

It’s just another evening in Kadıköy! Boats are carrying thousands rushing back home. Motors are doing their announcements out loud hoping they can get some more on board. Haydarpaşa just across the bay, is silent, its old trains are long gone. Setting sun is still warming up stone covered squares[…]

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A Boat To The Island

photo by Zack, island ferry

Things are changing in Istanbul. I remember good old days when taking a boat to the island meant reading newspaper and having tea in peace, having a nice conversation with elegant old couples trying to deal with their energetic grandchildren, feeding seagulls with leftovers of your simit, and finally reaching[…]

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Bomonti, more than a neighbourhood

Bomonti, brewery, Istanbul

More than a hundred years ago… A brewery -the first major brewery in Turkey- set up by the Swiss Walter and Adolf ‘Bomonti’ brothers in Istanbul. Bomonti, was one of the first industrial neighbourhoods of Istanbul and named after the brewery. Bomonti, is also the name of a popular Turkish malt[…]

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Surprises of İstanbul: intro


Some cities could kill you with their peace, some with chaos, some with beauty. When you’re in Istanbul, a constant thrill and a very deep inner peace come together; with small surprises aside. Some stunning, some bad, but mostly good. It’s just surprises of İstanbul intro. For instance, you might[…]

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