Elgiz Museum

I love modern contemporary museums. It’s my obligatory duty to visit them wherever I go. Hence it’s my reverse obligatory to suggest what my beautiful city offers to you. Out of your normal path you come across with Elgiz Museum which began as an independent enterprise called Projec4L. Now it’s a museum on its own located in Maslak which hosts changing selections from the lovely permanent collection to periodical temporary collections.

Since contemporary art in Turkey is well behind that of many other countries such gems are extremely precious. Elgiz Museum is a family supported private enterprise that cherishes Turkish modern art. Turkish and foreign artist stand side-by-side within the museum displaying beauties from Azade Köker and Burhan Doğançay. It also has a stunning terrace that exhibits fabulous sculptures from emerging and established sculptors.

If you have the time, honestly create the time, and do visit this hidden gem.

Elgiz Museum Address: Beybi Giz Plaza, Maslak, Istanbul