Exhibition of Performance Artist Ulay


A selection of the iconic performance artist Ulay’s early works, will be hosted by Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts gallery from 3rd of September till 10th of October 2015.

Curated by Ali Akay, the works dating back to ’70s are entitled as “Disidentification and Metamorphosis”.

Born in Germany, Frank Uwe Laysiepen – aka Ulay, has intended not to define himself by his nationality. Instead he preferred to explore the notion of identity by the radical practice of his body.

First he pursued this path through a series of polaroid photographs. Then he exhilarated his approach with performance and action based artworks. It’s exactly from that moment on that he acquired a worldwide recognition via the collaborative performances with Marina Abramovic and broke grounds in the art world. Throughout their collaboration, they focused on and questioned the female and male characteristics of the individual while pushing the limits of the body.

Some of their most attention-grabbing collaborative performances are Imponderabilia, Breathing In/Breathing Out, Night Sea Crossing, The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk – where the artists ended their 12 years relationship right after.

Throughout his artistic journey, Ulay continued to create performances and interactive workshops with diverse audiences still questioning the meaning of identity.

After moving to Slovenia where diagnosed with cancer, Ulay managed to transfer this unfortunate condition into a decent project – “Project Cancer”. Within the scope of the documentary, a camera followed him for one year (from November 2011 till November 2012) in every stages of his illness and his “farewell journey” towards his beloved friends around the world.