Football Madness of Turks

Football is taken too ceriously in Turkey. It can surpass disasters,  a bad-work day, funerals. If there is a derby in Istanbul, there is a 90 minutes pause in the city. Babies do not cry, dogs do not breathe, wind stops, even rain drops decide not to fall for a while, oh, and the traffic stucks! One must check the alternate routes to avoid heavy traffic.

There are three major football clubs in Istanbul. Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce. All has millions of fans. And just like all football fans around the world, the ones in Istanbul are also very passionate and sometimes lunatic for their clubs.

Ricardo Quaresma is a Portuguese footballer who is transferred to Besiktas as a winger for the second time after two years he left.

2590 is the number of excited Besiktas fans who are tracking his flight to Istanbul, shown on the image, live, on flight radar.

Well, nothing much to say…