It’s where stories begin and end. It’s where unity and separation can be enjoyed at the same time. It’s for me the opening of Istanbul to the Anatolia or as the Westerners would like to call it the Oriental. It’s a time travel station called Haydarpaşa now left to its own faith. I believe in sustainability and hence continuity especially in buildings built for a certain purpose. 1908 is the birthdate of this unique building that has served its mission till the last moment when it was shut down on the 1st of February 2012.

Within the scope, labelled as the Fast Train Project this wonderful building has been closed down with a blurry future up ahead. It was planned to be converted into a hotel, as if we need any more, or into a shopping mall, this is just hysterical. The ones in power said, that they will offer the suggested projects to the public and hence they will decide on what the majority wants but I never believed this.  All I believe is that we need to cultivate, feed our culture and embrace it to pass it on to the next generations. Think of it this way; we don’t have a second Haydarpaşa. I wonder what the two German architects, Otto Ritter and Helmut Conu would think about the future of their creation.

As I was writing this post, we have been informed by the municipality that Haydarpaşa will remain as Haydarpaşa. Cheers to all the supporters and the protectors of our history…

This building is a symbol of İstanbul that has to live on. Not as a hotel but as a public area, like a library, art gallery, open project camp, festival etc. Like the İstanbul Coffee Festival took place here and I believe it was a jackpot in every sense. It should not be converted into a private sector playground, so I am happy that someone said nay!

Haydarpaşa is the first dominant image you see when travelling in from Anatolia into istanbul or while crossing the bosphorous on a steamboat from Asia to Europe or vice versa. Once it was the highlight spot for Turkish movies where the people arriving from Anatolia were mesmerized by İstanbul through Haydarpaşa.  I am one of the lucky ones, who had travelled from Haydarpaşa, and looking forward to have another train journey in near future.

Haydarpaşa is our story, a landmark, and it should live on as is!