In the Tunnel

I was walking with my head down in one of those endless underground tunnels. It was rush hour. People were on their way home after a long working day. They were talking aloud and hurrying to catch the next train to Sanayi Mahallesi or a metrobus to Asian side of the city. It was all hustle and bustle… Like always. And I, to be honest, was dreaming about being in another place. Another city, with less people, less noise, less rush, less İstanbul! I even felt I was sick of this crowd and thinking that it was getting worse and worse…

And for a split of a second, I thought why didn’t we –me and my husband- move to Bodrum or some smaller, quiter place, as we planned some years ago? Why on earth we still insist on living in downtown? We could, very well, move to one of the suburbs or even just make a shift to the Asian side, which is more residential. Why do we keep paddling against the water? I was tired of all this Istanbul Classic! I longed for some other place and kept asking WHY???

Just that second, I looked up and there she was! Istanbul with all her beauty … The picture covering a huge wall, was like a reminder of my ‘’love and hate’’ relationship with her!

Istanbul always knew how to make me happy and how to keep me by her side no matter what! So, even that moment, while I was punishing myself with all those negative self-talks in an underground tunnel, she showed me her magic! And I swear I heard her saying: You know you can’t give me up! I will always be part of you and you of me!

And so I got my head up, smiled and said: Yes dear, you are definitely right! I can not give you up!