Istanbul Lover

I am an Istanbuler, Istanbulite an Istanbul Lover in the purest sense of the world.

I have chosen to live here, despite the chaos, traffic, crowds and the stress. I am an Istanbul lover at the base, soul deep level. Even though I was born in London, İstanbul has molded me, created me, formed me in ways that are coded into my system and physical body. No matter what they say, Istanbul is a blessing. I will not be shy to admit that I am a better person because of the vibe of Istanbul. I will and cannot swap it for an idyllic countryside. Istanbul is my thing and my thing is Istanbul.

As Petrus Gyllius, The Antiquities of Constantinople said in 1561, “it seems to me that while other cities may be mortal, this one will remain as long as there are men on earth.” Or as Ogier Ghiselin De Busbecq, Ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire said in the 1550s “created by nature to be the capital of the world” I embrace this land.

It’s my home, it’s my soul, my past as it is my future. Istanbul is kneaded with the most complicated cultural branches possible. The more you dig the more you find a world of infinity. There is no better place to experience the great and the good. Not-Istanbul (and Not-Huge City) definite has its charms too, but being from Istanbul is what makes me appreciate such differences in the parallel levels of what we call real life. I empathise with the power of being exposed to so many different cultures, the universal and the obvious particulars and being OK with it. This is what exactly Istanbul bestows to me.

Above is a photograph I took in 2007 that outlines it all for me…