Kızıltoprak means “Reddish Earth”.

It was the first township on the Berlin-Baghdad railroad. Kızıltoprak was a dormant little settlement with large gardens and kiosks of the Ottoman administrators and mainly a Muslim section of the city of Istanbul.

Of course I am talking about the time when Istanbul was called Constantinople by the Christian community.  The connection of the settlement to the city was by railroad from Haydarpasha-Haydarpaşa, the central terminal station. Then by steamboats to the port of Karaköy or Eminönü. This formula still works but the train system is shut down for renovation and the future of Haydarpasha is yet not declared officially, so we don’t know what will happen.

Kızıltoprak is still a preferred district of Anatolian İstanbul -on Asian side- and therefore the rents and estates rates are booting over the roof. It’s mostly referred to as the district where the rich white Turks live. It does not have its charm as it used to but still you can find open spaces with greenery and old konaks (large wooden houses with 15 to 40 rooms). Being exactly on the sea shore is also a unique advantage for people.