La Cave, a haven of all things beautiful

It is sort of  a magical shop, La Cave. It was established on 1999, at Cihangir. I think it might be true to say it is the first wine shop in Turkey. Owned by  Mr. Esat Ayhan, whom I have known for so many years in food industry. Esat Bey -Mr. Esat- , has always been the wise and respectable man in wine industry, telling all about the Turkish wines, brandies, spirits and everything in between.

Years passed he is still one of the wine and spirits gurus of Turkey. He attentively chooses everything sold in his shop, still supporting local brands. It has always been the prestigious point to be for any brand.

In his beautiful shop, La Cave, he offers us an extensive collection of everything from good beers, Turkish wine, imported wine from all around the world, spirits, liqueurs. Not to mention his breath taking collection of Grand Crus, Chateaux, the mother of all wines, some best years, for the real connoisseurs.

From Gara Kuzu, from indigenous grapes to champagnes, extensive rakı selection, all good things are there… Stop by, you learn a lot from him. Do not be shy to talk about wine or ask his recommendations, it is always a pleasure to chat with Esat Bey and be at La Cave. It is the best cellar in town!

La Cave Address: Sıraselviler Cad. No: 109, Cihangir, İstanbul