I love that we name the winds. And we name our children after the winds. It’s cool…

The wind that concerns İstanbul is Lodos. The name is Turkish meaning Southwestern Lite Warm wind and is most probably originating from the Greek world “Notus”. Notus is the name of one of the four Greek wind Gods. Lodos is a dominant wind and usually sweeps over İstanbul from October to April.

While blowing warm breezes over the city it also gives most of us headaches and it a cliche to blame Lodos for your headache. You can normally hear this conversation between people: #1: “I have a headache,” #2: “It must be because of the Lodos.” It also have unreliable friends like proditory storms. So its not loved that much and therefore when you have Lodos blowing all over the city most sea transportations are cancelled. Another phrase you might hear during this time would be “The ferries are cancelled because of Lodos.”

Lodos is usually considered a he and loves to blow in the opposite direction of the sewers hence perfuming the city with toilets fragrances. One final note Lodos belongs to the Aegean  so you cannot handshake with him anywhere else. He is one of the most talked winds in Istanbul.