Louise Bourgeois Exhibition: “Bigger Than The World”


Dear Istanbul – get ready to know more about Louise Bourgeois, whose 58 works will be featured in an impressive exhibition by Akbank Sanat between 1 September – 28 November 2015.

Some of you may already remember her name from the 5th Istanbul Biennial, where one of  her works was displayed.

However it has always been obvious that Istanbul needed to see much more of her works as they reflect traumatic sentiments such as frustration, conflict, fragility arising from her childhood memories, which somehow match partially the city’s existing atmosphere.

Fond of geometry, Louise studied mathematics at the Sorbonne and then art history at the Ecole du Louvre. Raised in France, she had to overcome the betrayal of her father with her nanny by guillotining the past through her sculptures reflecting her hurtful feelings. Homesick may be the other source of her artworks as she had to leave France to live with her art historian husband, Robert Goldwater, in New York where she gained more recognition after her first retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

The exhibition will be a very nourishing experience for those who want to understand her better, and to witness her very personal 98 years life journey leading her to be an influential figure in the 20th century modern and contemporary art scene.

Photo credit: http://www.bruceweber.com