Pedestrians Beware

Forget everything that you know about being a pedestrian. In Istanbul things are different. The rules of the game are played differently here. First of the the crucial point is to know and memorize that priority belongs to vehicles. You as a pedestrian are at the bottom of the traffic chain. Some might respect your steps but most don’t. Don’t try to test this, you will be sorry. Do not take a step unless you are one hundred percent absolutely sure that nothing is coming your way. Not sure, look again and again, please! Also do take a look at the opposite side as well. Never say never. You never know from where a vehicle can pop up. Turks love to pop up from somewhere. Let’s imagine you are waiting to cross the street at a zebra crossing and the light goes green for you. So far so good, all is going as planned. But no please, don’t jump forward presuming the cars will halt like they do back home. No sir, please double check, cross check, just check. Also the Turkish drivers don’t like slow moving pedestrians, if a driver allows you to cross the street, move your ass as quick as possible. Be grateful that you were given this opportunity and act fast before the driver honks. I tried to sound as cute as possible with a humor touch but believe me I am not joking. I don’t want to sound scary but I need to warn you. Also if you see motorcycles using sidewalks as their own highway don’t be alarmed it’s just a normal day in İstanbul. So pedestrians beware…

P.S. The photo is something I chose to be totally opposite of what I wrote. Trying to be sarcastic I know.