Second Hand Bazaar

So some of us love to visit second hand shops, bazaars and flea markets. Because –there you feel the vibe of the city along with its past, history and culture. It seems you a common feeling of what was,  what has and what will happen. It’s a culturism. There is actually no such word but I think it gives a perfect sense of such markets. We do have plenty second hand shops all over İstanbul some concentred on certain districts. My composition is based on Feriköy Second Hand Bazaar that comes together every Sunday. This is a very popular spot as its used every day of the week for a different bazaar. Sunday is what concerns us at the moment. It’s quite huge and consists somewhat huge variety of old, vintage, second-hand items from books to cloths, electronics to long plays, chandeliers to stools. Basically everything and anything that comes to mind is at your service.

There is a demand for everything and everything is possibly sold in this market. Win win situation for all budgets. It’s a scene that plays out in the headlines of all visitors and locals. You can spend the whole day in the market and really have fun. Striking the right balance between budget and space can be a delight. Wise-buys can even make the day one of your best one you had for some time. There is a small local café where you can enjoy grilled cheese toast with a slice of tomatoes and Turkish tea, boom bam!

Tips for you:

  • Do bargain, if you don’t know how to then find a local friend who will teach you: Bargaining 101.
  • Never show how much interested you are on a unique lovely piece you might have found. Keep your cool or be ready to pay double
  • Swirl around the market at least once, choose your objects and then return back to bargain
  • Cash is preferred.
  • Wear sneakers.

You should also visit the Facebook group put together by residents and frequent visitors of the market.

A Glimpse From Feriköy Second Hand Bazaar
A Glimpse From Feriköy Second Hand Bazaar