“Skin” Installation by Mehmet Ali Uysal


Already enjoying many art scene activities around the city?

Well, how about stepping out of the galleries and museums for a change to rest the eye on the smooth green fields and yet still be inspired by a spectacular installation?

If this sounds appealing to you, spare some time to see “Skin” installation of Mehmet Ali Uysal, ready for your visit at Kemer Country Golf Resort.

Situated in one of the – relatively – suburb areas of Istanbul, Kemerburgaz, the installation definitely deserves the ride. So you better not be hesitant.

The artist / sculptor Uysal, known for his large scale and voluminous works out of common objects such as clothespin, aims to integrate the surrounding space to his artwork. Through “pinching” the soil and the grass, he invites you to observe the art piece blended with the landscape as a whole and therefore pushes you to re-think about the de facto perception and dimension notions.

Apart from Istanbul, the applications of “Skin” in France, Belgium, Sweden and USA perceived great attention of the citizens while granting the Turkish artist a worldwide recognition.

Setting aside the open-air works, Uysal is also very well known for his interior works where he creates illusional scenes making the invisible visible (Painting Series).

His other work called “Suspended Series/Meat” questions the meaning and function of “frames” which traditionally augment the value and size of the paintings. By displaying the refined leather-made frames and hanging them on metal hooks like “meats”, he brings into question the common valuation process at the exhibitions.

Mehmet Ali Uysal will continue for sure to astonish you with his upcoming works – so keep him on your radar.