Street Signs

Wherever I go I always try to learn the system of the street signs. How the whole process Works, what can I get out of that metal piece inbuilt on a corner of a street. Some just provide the name of the street you are on while as others give further details. I especially like our street signs. It gives more details than just the name of the street. As you can see above these are the recent installed signs. When I say recent you should give it at least two years.

Anyway here you see on top with bold capital letters the name of the street you are on. In this case “Akçam Caddesi”. Let me tell you a secret, obviously Caddesi means street. The thin white stripe right under indicates the district, neighbourhood or quarter. In this case it’s Beşiktaş. Finally the last stripe at the bottom usually coloured in orange or light blue indicates the municipality that street belongs to. The both sided arrows with numbers at each end indicates the building numbers that street beholds.

Since everything is in Latin Alphabet you have no concerns in getting lost. The reason I explain this is because some people still think we are Arabs and that we talk Arabic and even write in Arabic. Sorry but no. By the way mind you sometimes getting lost is lovely especially in a culturally textured and deep city like Istanbul.