Surprises of İstanbul: Anarchy in the IST

Living in this city is most of the times a struggle; regardless of your occupation, age, gender, income or status. Besides the traffic or the daily shalala of your environment; it is as if an “invisible hand” tries to push you down, covering all in grey, building more and more cement buildings and increases the unhappy crowd around you.

Nevertheless, some moments “come like surprise ice on the water” and bring your spirits up in a very unexpected moment. The anarchy against the grey invisible hand works well, opening a breathing moment for the residents. This is a photo I took -back in winter- when I was coming home at the end of a very grim day; the statues of significant journalists and writers in Abbasağa Park, Beşiktaş, were ornamented with balloons. No other signs of party or celebration was around.

Song of the post: Kings of Convenience – Surprise Ice
Wanna check out the statues? Location: Abbasağa Parkı, Beşiktaş

written by our former writer: Aslıhan Tuna