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Obelisk of Hippodrome

  İstanbul is embellished by at least 10 obelisks. They are all extremely valuable historical monuments. I have always been interested in them especially seeing Egyptian obelisk in the middle of another culture fascinated me. No my parents never took me to such sites, I tried to discover them on[…]

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The Wrinkles of The City

I live on a long and narrow street of Fener, on the Golden Horn. My neighbourhood, which used to be home for Greeks, Armenians and Jewish people for long time, is now the district of mostly conservative Turkish citizens, some foreigners and a bunch of young people working generally in[…]

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Sancaklar Mosque – Emre Arolat Architects

Sancaklar Mosque

  Close your eyes for a moment and think of a ‘mosque’. As you think, an image will probably appear behind your closed eyelids. What does it look like? Let me guess. A mosque, probably a massive one, with a central dome and conical minarets around it. A classical 16th[…]

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Hukukçular Sitesi

In the middle of the noisiest district of İstanbul, Mecidiyeköy, there is a signature building towering one of the most frequented shopping malls of the city. People come and go by without noticing it! Even I, though I live there, pass by without paying much attention. But yesterday while crossing[…]

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“Skin” Installation by Mehmet Ali Uysal

Skin Installation

  Already enjoying many art scene activities around the city? Well, how about stepping out of the galleries and museums for a change to rest the eye on the smooth green fields and yet still be inspired by a spectacular installation? If this sounds appealing to you, spare some time[…]

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Such a city İstanbul is with her immense character and deep culture. She has been decorated with unique architectural jewels. Some are still dominant while some have faded away into the abyss of history. Not a day passes when I discover another uniqueness of her. A corner unknown, an architectural[…]

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‘’Pijama, Terlik, Televizyon’’ Halk arasında öyle deriz, evdeysek, hiçbir program da istemiyorsa canımız -bu akşam ne yapıyorsun? diye soran arkadaşımıza- hiiç PTT takılıyorum cevabı veririz halen daha! Tabii benim konu başlığım bu espriden daha derin bir gözleme dayanıyor. Sirkeci’deki muhteşem şahane PTT binası, eski adı Büyük Postane ya da daha[…]

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