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Grand Bazaar

When İstanbul was conquered in 1453 the Ottomans had to quickly create a commercial area for the public. Normally in Ottoman cities you had a place for commercial exchange and it was called bedesten or hans that handled a diversity of merchandise. This is a story of one of the[…]

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Ta Fota (The Lights)

I can not remember if I ever watched the ‘great blessing of the waters’ ceremony in Ta Fota feast live in the shores of Golden Horn or on TV. My memories are quite vague about it. The only clear thing is I watched it always with excitement. And with a[…]

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The Tunnel

The Modern Version of Tünel

It’s the year 1875, the date 17th January a Sunday and the third underground system ever in the world comes alive in İstanbul, at that time Constantinople of course. Of course London , with its spider web underground beats everyone else by operating in 1863 followed by New York in[…]

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Cat Knows Everything, In Istanbul, Too…

We have a saying; “when cities were not even named in Europe, the cats were the inhabitants of Istanbul.” Rumour has it, the first kittens has been settled in the city by the Byzas of Megara, the eponymous founder of Byzantium, the city later known as Constantinople and Istanbul. In[…]

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