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Haliç, a motley district

Phanar Greek Orthodox Lycee

It’s an introduction to a cultural mosaic of İstanbul. Our district is Haliç aka The Golden Horn. A motley district to the bone. Even though it’s in the heart of the city, most of the locals are not even aware of its existence. It’s a shame, I know! Of course[…]

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Ta Fota (The Lights)

I can not remember if I ever watched the ‘great blessing of the waters’ ceremony in Ta Fota feast live in the shores of Golden Horn or on TV. My memories are quite vague about it. The only clear thing is I watched it always with excitement. And with a[…]

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Old IStanbul: Lodos in Yeşilköy

I love that we name the winds. And we name our children after the winds. It’s cool… The wind that concerns İstanbul is Lodos. The name is Turkish meaning Southwestern Lite Warm wind and is most probably originating from the Greek world “Notus”. Notus is the name of one of[…]

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