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İstanbul is actually a city full of various transport possibilities. Not perfect, but works on its own awkward system. Before subway, metro-buses one of the main transport possibilities was using a Dolmuş (Dol-mush) basically meaning stuffed. The major vehicle used for this alternative transport possibility where the old American cars.[…]

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A Boat To The Island

photo by Zack, island ferry

Things are changing in Istanbul. I remember good old days when taking a boat to the island meant reading newspaper and having tea in peace, having a nice conversation with elegant old couples trying to deal with their energetic grandchildren, feeding seagulls with leftovers of your simit, and finally reaching[…]

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Surprises of İstanbul: intro


Some cities could kill you with their peace, some with chaos, some with beauty. When you’re in Istanbul, a constant thrill and a very deep inner peace come together; with small surprises aside. Some stunning, some bad, but mostly good. It’s just surprises of İstanbul intro. For instance, you might[…]

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Taxis in İstanbul!

The first complaint I always hear from most of the visiting friends when they enter our office is the taxi. OMG the taxi issue in İstanbul is just a pain in the ass. First of all most of them represent the city in a very unethical and incorrect way. most of[…]

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