Taxis in İstanbul!

The first complaint I always hear from most of the visiting friends when they enter our office is the taxi. OMG the taxi issue in İstanbul is just a pain in the ass. First of all most of them represent the city in a very unethical and incorrect way. most of them are bullies. Secondly and most importantly they rip off people pushing the level of trust to ground level.

From swapping 50 Turkish Liras with 5 Turkish liras, broken taximeters, taking you around the city, you name it, they know it all.

No need to surrender! there is always a way!
Use UBER or the local version BiTaksi (the only way to pay with credit card). Download the application of BiTaksi (yes its available for ios and android systems) and order your local taxi wherever you are. You have the language options. You can pay cash or with credit card. The system follows the taxi everywhere and notes the costs etc. So there is no way you can be ripped off. Once you are in your location pay accordingly and if you want tip the driver. Believe me it will cost you less compared to calling a taxi on the road.