The 3rd Airport of Istanbul

I was one of the 657 thousand living trees in the South Forests of İstanbul, 656 thousand of my population was chopped down.

Almost 1 million 391 thousand of my kind has been transported to a new location, where? Beats me! How on earth can you move that much greenery to another location, I bet there were casualties, I heard none. We were a forest, they called us the Southern protector, the pulmo, the lungs of the city. We had families of pine, pius pinea, red pine, torch pine, beech, oak, common ash, baswood, maple and cedar in our clan. We were the stopover location for the migrant birds. We resisted the cold weather that would crash into the city and on the other hand allowed the cool breeze in to sweep the city. We were home to almost seventy different kinds of living creatures, various ponds and rivers. Now all gone, lost under a rumble of construction.

Now only I remain, damned to see what is going around me, damned to perceive the cruelty of humans.

When we first heard of this project the elder trees said that is was not possible to touch us as we were crucial for the city, to live to breath. They said humans were not that stupid to shoot their own feet. We believed them but the elderly were the firsts ones to be chopped down, actually rammed down. Now I remain the only witness to this massacre.

The area where the project is undergoing is or was %80 forest ground. Total of 7 thousand 650 hectare of which 6 thousand 172 hectare was forest.   Just imagine the risks probable in the future, erosion, pollution, drought, earthquakes, and storms, basically it will screw up the ecosystem etc. Traffic will double or even triple, the city will start developing to the north and more cement will replace nature. The devastation caused to the city will absolutely be irreversible.

Under my shadow, humans talk about how great this project will be. More is never enough and as I observe it will never be enough. 200 million travellers they say will fly annually through the 3rd airport of Istanbul that will also connect to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, that’s the given name by the way, an airport that will have a control tower whose design muse is a tulip.

Destroy the nature to build a cement structure that is inspired from nature.

I am here still, standing until the day someone chops me down…