The Doğançay Museum

This is a modern art museum in the heart of İstanbul. It’s a little bit off the grid in sense of marketing.  It’s not promoted as it should be. Therefore you don’t find a lot of news about it. But for me its a hidden gem. Housed in a historic building this museum takes  its name from one of the leading artists of Turkey. The Doğançay Museum is a cozy small museum in the bursting district of Beyoğlu. Away from the İstiklal Street in a rather less quiet corner. It’s considered one of the first private modern art museums of İstanbul but its very shy about it. So next time before you flow into the nightlife take a few hours off and have a look at this small beauty.

The building was a wreck and bought by Mr. Doğançay in 1999 and was restored for the following four years to be remade into a modern museum. Photography lays in the heart of the museum where you can observe the perspective of Mr. Doğançay who has photographed the walls of the cities he has been affected with. The walls of the cities allows one to perceive its social liveliness and Mr. Doğançay has captured this for art lovers. This theme especially is more than enough to gran ones attention. One floor of the museum is dedicated to the artist’s dad while the rest displays more than 150 different works. İstanbul is a very art filled and felt city, such gems are living proof of this.

I would suggest the small art museum to all art lovers and people who want to discover the Turkish art perspective.