Vintage version of remote shopping

I love recalling memories. I believe they are what makes us and keeps us intact. You never know from where a memory will pop up. Today while walking to work I had a lovely flash back. I saw the basket in the photograph. I would like to call this vintage version of remote shopping. In Kadıköy where I grew up until a certain age this was the most common way house wives shopped. They would hang down such baskets with notes in them. The freshman of the local grocery store would eventually come pick up the note and the money laid in the basket and deliver the groceries. The house wife would never wait the basket. She would leave it hanging there until the time when she would need the items. No one would ever interfere with these baskets and touch the items. It was a no zone.

I had totally forgotten this memory until today when I saw this hanging basket. Everything came back in a flash. It was empty waiting to be filled by the local grocery store. Maybe filled with bread, eggs or news paper.  I am so lucky to be living in a quarter where old customs are still trying to survive, but for how long…