Zeki Müren

Everybody likes to know about the local music is and sounds like when they visit a country. Music, in Turkey is tremendously rich and deep. We have pioneers and entrepreneurs in the field that most visitors are not even aware of. And of course the locals when asked the questions “what I should listen to?” are caught off guard and can’t think of some crucial names. Well here we will try to share what we should be able to say at first hand. So here we go, first is first…

Born in 1931 in Bursa, Zeki Müren, has and will always be the prominent musician that comes to mind.

He was a diva with a mesmerising voice. A gentleman, a lord, an esquire and a fugleman.

He had a long and prosperous career of almost 45 years in which he composed more than 300 songs. It’s said that he recorded more that 650 records in his career. He was compassionate and talked perfect Turkish. Honestly I have never heard anyone talk impeccable Turkish as he did. When he talked it was as if you were being read the best poem ever. We called him The Sun Of Classical Turkish Music. He shone on the genre and is still remembered so.

He was extremely effeminate and lived in an exorbitant stylish fashion. He was also the vanguard of homosexuality and honestly through him I believe homosexuality was perceived by the Turkish society. He paved the way for himself and maybe unconsciously for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender society.

Through him you can hear the sound of true İstanbul and Turkey in a flamboyant fashion.